"Man, this is a great comic. One of the best and most gritty when dealing with the subject matter. I’m gonna be bummed to see it go next issue. That said, this is a strong catalyst to the end. The twists and turns in this piece are a roller coaster of emotion. You will be nauseated by the time you finish the last page. So much great storytelling and atmosphere that we’ve come to expect from this series. Again, it blows my mind and breaks my heart that it is coming to an end."



Greetings fellow comic fans, after a much needed vacation I am back with some comic picks for the week. As usual I am starting with a first issue of a new comic or actually an old comic!

Today we get the first chapter of the digital first comic Sensation Comics starring Wonder Woman. When the…



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Genius #2

The Winner of Top Cow’s Pilot Season makes its triumphant return to print! What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war, who know nothing but violence since birth, and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive? What if the second coming of Alexander the Great, of Genghis Khan, of Napoleon, of Patton…what if it was a teenaged girl from South Central, L.A. named Destiny? And what if she decides to secede three blocks of the ‘Hood from the Union? Who is going to take it back from her and her army of gangbangers? Who CAN? 

Out this Wednesday from Image!